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BSkyB to close documentary channel Current UK in March

Current UK announced today that BSkyB has withdrawn support for the channel and it is likely to stop broadcasting by mid March 2012. Al Gore’s Emmy Award-winning television and online network which was founded in 2005 is BskyB’s only indie documentary channel in the UK. … Read entire article »

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The Griersons 2011

Last night at the BFI Southbank  the Grierson Trust announced the winners of the British Documentary Awards. Hosted by presenter Mariella Frostrup (pictured) the great and good of the documentary world came together to celebrate another great year of documentary making. Find out here who won. … Read entire article »

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One last thing…Steve Jobs documentary

Wow, our money was on November but later rather than sooner. Ever since his death earlier this month bloggers the world over have been trying to guess the date on which the first post-Jobs documentary would be released. Now British Channel 4 and PBS have announced their new doc, Steve Jobs – One Last Thing, will be released on 2 November.  … Read entire article »

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Kevin Clash, the man behind the puppet

Just something to read for the weekend. This week in the New York Magazine we found an interesting interview with Kevin Clash, the man behind Elmo and the subject of a new documentary called Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey. We talked about it before on DocGeeks – still hoping the film will come to Europe sometime soon. … Read entire article »

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Elmo leaves Sesame Street for the big screen

Stop the press!! I just found this documentary about Elmo and I need to share this with you. I personally loved Sesame Street when I was a child and could never go to bed without having seen it. I know in the UK the fascination with the programme is not as big as in some other countries but you’ve got to see this. … Read entire article »

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TV documentary uses shocking viral to attract audience

You know you have succeeded in advertising your upcoming television documentary if even foreign media report on it. This normally only happens to people the likes of Werner Herzog, Nick Broomfield and other giants in the industry. But a production company from the Netherlands can now join that hall of fame … Read entire article »

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50 Docs To See Before You Die ends tonight

Every Tuesday night during the last month Current TV has brought us the top 50 documentaries to see before we die and tonight they will release the final 10. It’s no secret, as presenter Morgan Spurlock will reveal tonight, number one is Hoop Dreams. The documentary by Steve James about high school basketball players in Chicago finally gets recognized this way as during its release in 1994 it wasn’t even nominated for an Academy Award. The list has been put together by a panel that included (amongst others) Michael Renov, a University of Southern California film professor; Eddie Schmidt, president of the International Documentary Association; and film makers Errol Morris, Nick Broomfield, and Stacy Peralta. Here a video of the panel’s own fav docs.   Current TV has however not managed to keep everyone happy, in … Read entire article »

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