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Documentary in crisis? “Bollocks” says BAFTA winner Brian Woods

Documentary in crisis? “Bollocks” says BAFTA winner Brian Woods

Despite budgets getting tighter and tighter in the documentary making world, more factual films are being watched now than ever before. As cheap camera phones and other technology have turned us all into potential filmmakers, there is really no excuse anymore not to start making documentaries. Multiple BAFTA winner and True Vision productions founder Brian Woods talks to DG about his experiences and gives us advice on how to get your work commissioned. … Read entire article »

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BAFTA Film Awards 2012 longlist revealed

The British Academy has announced the films longlisted for its 2012 awards today, with the documentary Senna proving to be a real winner with nominations in no less than six categories. This year BAFTA also included a special award for best documentary. Find out who the possible winners are. … Read entire article »

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Technology marks DG’s 10 most popular posts of 2011

For DocGeeks it’s been a great first year (months actually). Thanks so much for visiting the blog, all the tweeting and sharing on Facebook. Just in case you missed some of our content, we give you an overview of the 10 most popular blog posts since the launch in September. Enjoy! … Read entire article »

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Ethical dilemmas while researching your film

Revelation after revelation of how journalists pursuit a story have come out in the past couple of weeks to shock us all, as Lord Leveson appears to leave no stone unturned. But the lessons that can be learnt are not merely for broadcast or print journalists. How far can you go as a filmmaker? How do you deal with ethical dilemmas when faced with a great documentary opportunity? … Read entire article »

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A former BIFA success story: The Arbor

As everybody is still raving about the BIFA’s, which were handed out yesterday evening in London, now is a good time to take a look at what happened to an award-winner from last year; Clio Bernard’s The Arbor. Ivana Hindi went to see the documentary as it was screened last week as part of DocHouse Thursdays. … Read entire article »

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A new way of pitching documentaries

New technologies offer new possibilities for the film industry, for creation, distribution but also for commissioning. What if documentary makers would not have to suck up to decision makers, what if it didn’t matter what they made or didn’t make before, what if the quality of the programme they were pitching was all that mattered? … Read entire article »

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Errol Morris’ David Lean lecture highlights

Last night documentary filmmaker Errol Morris took to the stage at BAFTA to deliver the annual David Lean lecture. In case you missed it, here’s a short overview of some of the things he said. … Read entire article »

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