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Alexandra Zeevalkink – Editor & Founder
Twitter – @docgeeks  & @aezeevalkink 

DocGeeks was set up in August 2011 by Dutch-born journalist Alexandra to further an exciting career in media. With her passion for the genre, the blog finally gave her a legitimate excuse to watch every documentary under the sun. When she is not blogging or watching films she enjoys theater, photography and reading loads of books. Alexandra is always welcoming freelance work and loves to talk about being involved in other creative projects.

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Kristy Hutter
Twitter – @KHutts

Kristy is an associate producer at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto. She is a recent graduate of City University London, where she got her Master’s in International Journalism specialising in radio reporting. She also holds a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she studied print and TV journalism, as well as documentary filmmaking. Early on, Andrew Jarecki’s Capturing the Friedmans got her hooked on docs and she has been obsessed with them since. Her other favourites are Grizzly Man, The Invisible War, and anything on Al Jazeera English.

Emma Norton
Twitter – @emmmanorton or Visit Emma’s Website

Emma’s passion for documentary film developed whilst studying History and Politics at Warwick University. After interning for the BBC’s international documentary strand ‘Storyville’ she became intent on working in the documentary film-making industry and now works for a London-based independent production company [Spirit Level Film]. Emma is one of the only documentary-lovers around that thinks Errol Morris’ films are boring.


Ben Unwin
Twitter- @tenbuckben or Visit Ben’s Website 

For the last 15 years Ben has built himself a successful career directing music videos, commercials and corporates. His first feature length documentary “Well Done Now Sod Off” has won the audience award at the Leeds International Film Festival and he has just spent an insane month in the USA, chasing a ten dollar bill, for a new documentary. He is deeply passionate about documentaries but will not write about anything he doesn’t like!

JoëlleJoëlle Pouliot
Twitter – @JoelleSP

Joëlle is a freelance journalist from Montreal, Canada, who moved to the UK to experience the vibrant media hub of London. Since she has come to the conclusion that she can’t possibly visit every corner of the planet or meet every interesting person herself, she is grateful that others share her passion for documenting the world.



Ilonka Oudenampsen
Twitter – @IlonkaO

Ilonka is a Dutch journalist with a passion for films, documentaries, animals and travel. Working as a pensions journalist during the week, she is also a regular contributor to DocGeeks and Activisionary. As a movie and documentary lover, she would love to one day write about films fulltime.



Nicola Lampard
Twitter – @NicolaLampard

Nicola graduated from Brunel University with a BSc in Sociology and Media and is now currently studying for a MSc at LSE in Society and Culture, whilst working in the UK film industry. The Up Series (beginning with 7up) sparked her interest documentaries, particularly those with a social and cultural themes. She is enthusiastic about documentaries because of their capacity to inform and incite change, as seen from The Thin Blue Line and, more recently, Josh Fox’s Gasland.


Paul Martinovic
Twitter – @paulmartinovic or Visit Paul’s Website Kill The Giggler 

Paul is a writer originally from Bristol, now based in London, where he writes for a number of websites with the word ‘geek’ in the title, for reasons that are clear to everyone but him. You can find him on Twitter where he indulges in equal parts amateur philosophy and equal parts ruthless self-promotion. He lives in Hackney with people and no pets. His interests are broadly the same as yours.



Jacob Harbord
Twitter – @JacobHarbord or Visit Jacob’s Vimeo Page

Jacob recently completed the MA in Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester and currently works as a qualitative researcher by day and filmmaker/film journalist by night. His favourite documentaries are The Last Train Home, Hoop Dreams, and Encounters At The End Of The World. He’s also a big fan of VICE and loves long sessions watching short documentaries.

Sophia Loukaides  
Twitter – @sophsee

Sophia loves everything to do with documentary and has been involved in most aspects of it from distribution, production, research, programming, and reviewing. She continues to do all of this work on a freelance basis from the comfort of her own office. She was born in England, raised in California and studied Politics in San Francisco. Her work with film began as a producer and researcher in Cyprus for major news agencies and soon spread to feature length and tv documentaries. She enjoys gardening, spicy food, and people who can tell good stories.


Rosemarie Hugill

Rosemarie is an avid documentary watcher and loves talking and writing about them! She graduated with a Film Degree in 2010 and since then has been working in digital media and documentary. She loves the power of documentaries and the way they can inspire and inform. Contributing to DocGeeks gives her an outlet to jabber on about documentary, without having to annoy her housemates with her constant flow of opinions.




LukeLuke Richardson
Twitter – @luke_richardson or Visit Luke’s Website

Unlike half of the world’s population, Luke Richardson is a man. After wrestling for a degree at Goldsmiths College, and a brief stint in the world of stand-up comedy, he left the drab pastures of London for Scandinavia. While studying for a Film MA in Copenhagen, he has put his passion for culture criticism to practice, writing for publications such as The Copenhagen Post, Mint Magazine, Eat Sleep Live Film, and his own “film a day” blog, #366 Movies. Luke loves absurdist cinema, particularly the poetical visual essays of Guy Maddin. He also likes vociferous sounds and, contrary to popular belief, people.

Myriam Dijck
Twitter – @MyriamDijck

Recently appointed as editor of the award winning student newspaper The River, Myriam is now in her final year of her journalism course at Kingston University. She is a real night-owl who can only get things done when there are minimal distractions. Her ambition is to settle for nothing but the best and she is aiming at a career in either documentary filmmaking or television production.



Hazel Pfeifer
Twitter – @hazelpfeifer or Visit Hazel’s Website

Hazel is a freelance journalist from Dublin. Although reality TV is really not her thing, she feels it has done a certain amount to open people’s minds to the power of social observation, and therefore the wonder of documentaries. She has contributed to a number of magazines, including Monocle, IMAGE and The Irish Independent Life magazine. Guilty pleasure: old-school musicals.

Ivana Hindi
Twitter – @Ivanahindi

Ivana is a short film director and fiction screenwriter. Her influence mainly comes from Italian Neorealism and classical Hollywood cinema. She also enjoys avant-garde European films, and chose to study journalism as a means to become involved with investigative documentary filmmaking as well as film journalism. She is enthusiastic about reviewing documentary films for DocGeeks.


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