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Netflix to produce Orson Welles documentary

Orson welles in citizen kaneDoc and film lovers can look forward to a new documentary on Orson Welles, which is currently being developed by Netflix.

The documentary film will be directed by Morgan Neville, who previously directed the Oscar winning 20 Feet From Stardom.

Netflix is going for a complete Orson Welles package – with one production supplementing another. The online streaming giant announced earlier that it had acquired global rights to Welles’ unfinished film The Other Side of the Wind, which the Citizen Kane filmmaker started filming in 1970. Netflix will finance the completion of the director’s final movie and will release it alongside the documentary.

Neville’s biopic will focus on Welles’ relationship with old school Hollywood and will focus in on the events that occurred before and during the making of his final feature.

“The Other Side of the Wind has long been a ghostly legend in cinema history, but the story behind it is equally fascinating,” Neville said in a statement. “I’m excited to be able to tell the incredible story behind this film and to explore what made Welles such an enduring figure.”


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