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Hungry for documentaries? Try these…

Still from documentary Ants on a shrimpEating out can be fun, an experience, delicious or even give you the chance to admire a work of art. And the latter is what some chefs aim for, an explosion of flavours, an intriguing experience of various textures and a plate that is so stunning you will forget to Instagram it. This year’s Sheffield Doc/Fest has some interesting documentaries on show for the real food lovers amongst you.

Take a look at these:

Ants on a Shrimp by Maurice Dekkers

Tokyo – January 2015: The world’s number one restaurant, the Copenhagen-based NOMA and its renowned chef-owner René Redzepi plan to relocate the restaurant and its entire staff to the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo for five sold-out weeks of spectacular lunches and dinners with specially created menus.

Three floors below ground, the R&D team of the acclaimed Danish restaurant Noma work 20-hour days to develop a special 14-course taster menu for a Japanese audience before their head chef arrives. Will all their efforts please Redzepi? Director Maurice Dekkers documents how two different food cultures clash and inspire one another.

Ants on a Shrimp will screen on Sunday 12 June at 10am at the Odeon Screen 8

Noma: My Perfect Storm by Pierre Deschamps

More Noma geniuses in this documentary which shows how René Redzepi plays with wilderness and interprets a forgotten edible world into a language we all understand. A modern ugly duckling, bullied by his peers, Redzepi found his home in the no man’s land and transformed into swan. Go on a journey with the chef to get an insight into his beautiful brain.

Noma: My Perfect Storm will screen on Tuesday 14 June at 8pm at the Curzon Screen 1

Miso Hungry by Tim Delmastro

Nearing forty, and weighing double what he should, comedian Craig Anderson knows that something has to change. At the encouragement of director Tim Delmastro, he forgoes his McDonald’s laden diet and opts instead for a Japanese one. We follow the amiable Australian to Japan where he navigates everything from mastering chopsticks to the mysteries of a green tea ceremony – and lots and lots of tofu.

Miso Hungry will screen on Tuesday 14 June at 10.15am at the ITN Source Showroom 4

TALK: Digging Deeper… Ants on a shrimp and Miso Hungry

For those of you who can’t get enough, there’s also a great talk about two of these documentaries. At a talk called Digging Deeper, food Anthropologist Kaoari O’Connor journeys into the Japanese culinary experiments that gave birth to Ants on a Shrimp and Miso Hungry. This talk is part of a series of daily talks at Doc/Fest Exchange on Tudor Square and is supported by The Wellcome Trust. Come, listen and join the conversation on Saturday 11 Jun at 2.30pm.


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Alexandra Zeevalkink is a Dutch-born journalist living in London who founded DocGeeks in August 2011 in order to have a legitimate excuse to watch every documentary under the sun. She freelances for various publications and writes mainly about documentaries and the film production industry. When she is not blogging or watching films, she enjoys theater, photography and reading loads of books. She is always on the look out for potential partnerships with other creative minds.

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