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Remembering Ali – The best docs about the boxing legend

Muhammad Ali in When We Were KingsAs the world is mourning the death of Muhammad Ali many of his greatest sentences and best videos are being posted on social media, quoted in print articles and shown on television.

The reason for his fame is not just his extraordinary sportsmanship but his entire persona; his beliefs, his deeds and his poetic one-liners. His fame meant even more in a time when it was practically still a crime to be black and successful.

This too made him a much loved subject for documentary filmmakers, and there’s a plethora of films you can watch to find out more about Ali, both in as well as outside of the ring.

Here is our top five.

When We Were Kings (1995) by Leon Gast


The Trials Of Muhammad Ali (2013) by Bill Siegel

Facing Ali (2009) by Pete MacCormac

I Am Ali (2014) by Clare Lewins

AKA Cassius Clay (1970) by Jimmy Jacobs


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