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DocGeeks » News » Documentary festival Frames of Representation announces inaugural edition

Documentary festival Frames of Representation announces inaugural edition

FoR documentary FestivalFrames of Representation (FoR) is a new film festival which showcases innovative forms of documentary cinema and invites discussion around the issues represented on screen. 

For its inaugural edition, held at the ICA in London, the festival will focus on the theme of the ‘New Periphery’ and cinema’s role in bringing the excluded and marginalised to the centre of conversation. Director Q&As, workshops and essays provide additional engaging context for the screenings.

Curated by Britdoc’s Luke W Moody and the ICA’s Nico Marzano, the unique focus of the festival is that it recognises documentary as an evolving artform. It highlights, for example, an ongoing interest in cinematic hybrids of fiction and documentary that bring us closer to the ambiguous and multiple frames of reality.

Each film in the programme will take the audience on a uniquely aesthetic and ethical journey to the edges of the contemporary Anthropocene; from the politically disenchanted of America’s deep South to the industrial underbelly of Mongolia, from palatial ruins in Italy to a submerged village in rural Mexico.

You can see the full programme here

The week-long programme hosts eight feature-length documentaries and three masterclasses. The selected works represent a progressive tendency of non-fiction film to question the creative balance between the role of the documentary filmmaker as an artist and the subject as a collaborator.

As the festival puts it: “Documentary is an art of showing. By aiming to show subjects less shown these films prompt the questions: how do we show with dignity, how to we show compassion and how do we show responsibility to subjects?”

Highlights of the programme include a series of in-depth masterclasses addressing the craft of contemporary documentary from Oscar-winning editor and sound designer Walter Murch (Apocalypse Now, Godfather II and III), filmmaker and author Xiaolu Guo, and filmmaker Roberto Minervini.

On 24 April the festival will be a platform for a new wave of young Mexican filmmakers. A statement by the curators reads: “Pablo Chavarria Gutierrez’s The Letters and SXSW Audience Award-winning Kings of Nowhere by Betzabé García are brooding contemporary examples, layering the poetic with the political to address the corruption and crossfire of ongoing power struggles of Chiapas and North western Mexico.

Zhao Liang’s Behemoth and Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli & Federico Lodoli’s Fragment 53 are further examples of filmmakers offering philosophical ruminations on difficult matters of human rights: Chinese labour conditions and Liberia’s civil war. On the final night of the festival, Uncertain, co-directed by young British filmmaker Ewan McNicol and American Anna Sandilands, offers a more darkly humorous portrait of small-town life in the American deep South.”


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