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Eye Want Change reclaims creativity of Selfie generation

Eye Want ChangeEye Want Change is a brand new documentary film competition that aims to celebrate ideas, creativity and the positive impact that technology can have on reporting. With the 2014 finalists’ films now showing online and at events, DG takes a look at the results.

Started by students for students, amidst the cuts to the arts, Eye Want Change hopes to encourage others to think creatively about societal issues that interest them.

Jade Jackman, co-founder of the competition says: “Our main condition is that films must be shot on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. We hope that this “restraint” will provoke the production of works that places innovation above access to equipment.

“The #selfie generation is often given a bad name. We want to reclaim the mobile phone through an exploration of how it can be used and consider the ways in which new technologies have the potential to democratise the mainstream media.”

Unfortunately the competition has now closed for 2014, but the results (which were judged by a panel consisting of filmmakers Kate Blewett and Nick Broomfield and actor Richard E Grant) can be watched on the competition’s website for free. A screening is also taking place at The House of Vans in London on 11 December.

The documentaries include everything from male stereotypes and female empowerment to student sobriety and our social dependency on technology.

We hope you enjoy them.


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