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DocGeeks » News » Meadows’ The Stone Roses documentary to hit UK cinemas in June

Meadows’ The Stone Roses documentary to hit UK cinemas in June

Ian Brown by Dean RogersFinally it’s time to announce that Shane Meadows’ documentary The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone will  be released in UK cinemas on 5 June.

The release will follow a premiere on Thursday 30 May in Manchester at an undisclosed location. At this premiere, fans will be treated with a rare public appearance of the band alongside a talk and Q&A session with director Shane Meadows and producer Mark Herbert.

Film4 have announced that the event will be satellite-linked to 100 cinemas as part of nationwide preview screenings running concurrently with the premiere launch, with tickets for both the host venue and the satellite-linked cinemas made available to the public.

The film, distributed by Picturehouse Entertainment, was fully financed by Film4 and 4DVD.

Tickets for the premiere event will be available from Wednesday 17 April at 9.30am on the film’s Facebook page.

Additionally, if you attended last year’s Warrington Parr Hall and Heaton Park gigs, you might be featuring in the film and if you’re chosen and your picture is posted on the film’s official Facebook and Twitter pages in the coming weeks, you’ll get a ticket too!

Shane Meadows said of the announcement: “Making this film, I got to be part of something truly remarkable, the double decade awaited ‘resurrection’ of my all time favourite band, The Stone Roses. People say that you can’t recapture your youth, it’ll never be the same second time round etc, but that’s utter rubbish. The Roses were never allowed to reach their peak first time around so as far as I and millions of fans around the world were concerned, with this comeback the Roses could be even greater.”

“This film isn’t a history lesson, nor is it a two hour concert film. It is a film about defying the odds, sticking it to the man and telling the cynics to shut their pie-holes!”

“The Stone Roses are back baby!”


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