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Two top documentaries on BBC iPlayer we’d like to recommend

My Atomic AuntAre you feeling as bored as we are with this cold rainy weather? Fear not, you can now kill your time watching two top documentaries on BBC iPlayer.

We don’t normally focus much on what is on TV but we really like to draw some attention to up and coming documentary director Kyoko Miyake. The Japanese Oxford-educated filmmaker, who previously scored a hit with Hackney Lullabies, has created a beautiful documentary with a strong semi-personal investigative narrative that is now available on BBC iPlayer.

Made with the help of Channel 4’s BRITDOC, the documentary My Atomic Aunt offers a close personal perspective to the nuclear meltdown in Japan’s Fukushima. Miyake travels back to Fukushima to see what has happened to her aunt and other relatives who lived in the plant’s immidiate area. While she is there to film the state of affairs one year after the disaster, the filmmaker unearths a truth much more complex as she, and we, previously imagined.

You can still watch My Atomic Aunt here on BBC iPlayer until 15 April 2013.

And there’s more…

In 1973 a chimpanzee was taken from his mother, given to a wealthy (yet bohemian) family on New York City’s upper west side, taught sign language and treated like a human child – all in the name of science. The results are as heartbreaking as they are jaw dropping – and so are the stories of the people who were involved. After the Oscar winning Man on Wire, this film by James Marsh shows the filmmaker’s talents for finding the characters behind the headlines and making them the focus of our attention. (A full review by journalist Kristy Hutter can be found here)

The documentary Project Nim will be featuring on BBC iPlayer until 30 March 2013.


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