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DocGeeks » Reviews » Fire in the Blood documentary lays bare ‘greed vs care’ battle

Fire in the Blood documentary lays bare ‘greed vs care’ battle

Fire in the BloodIf there were 30 million white people in the Western world that would need an existing medicine in order to survive, would we give it to them, no matter the cost? The answer, we all know, is yes. But why then have we allowed people in the developing countries to drop dead like flies when we knew that the secret in keeping them alive was hidden in a widely available combination of three magic pills.

“If one death is a tragedy and a million deaths is a statistic, then this is a film about statistics. A film about the millions of people who died of HIV Aids in Africa and the developing countries.”

Many of these deaths though could have been prevented.

The Aids epidemic is without a doubt the most catastrophic event the world has even seen. Every minute of every day people were dying and the decease kept spreading. In Africa there was not a village untouched and even here in the Western world the virus was hopping from person to person, destroying love stories, family legacies, hopes and dreams.

The killer decease was not racist but took who it could take, mankind however did make a differentiation and valued one men’s life higher than others. “Shocking” doesn’t quite cover the story that Fire in the Blood presents.

Advertised as a story of ‘medicine, monopoly and malice’, this documentary tells the story of how Western pharmaceutical companies and governments knowingly blocked access to low-cost AIDS drugs in the years after 1996, when a treatment was found – causing more than 10 million preventable deaths.

However, Fire in the Blood is not just a tale of what could be considered a crime as crude and serious as murder, but, as it shows us how one group of people fought back, also a story of hope and a long overdue victory in a struggle for equality and basic human rights.


For more information and to find screenings, please visit the Fire in the Blood website.


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