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DocGeeks » News » Ken Loach’s documentary The Spirit of ‘45 launches digital project

Ken Loach’s documentary The Spirit of ‘45 launches digital project

Digital project The Spirit of 45My ’45, the interactive project accompanying Ken Loach’s new documentary film The Spirit of ’45 was officially launched today revealing what 1945 might have been like if we hadn’t all put our backs into it together.

There was a sense of togetherness In 1945. A fresh government changed the shape of British society, with developments across health, housing and jobs. Brittain as a nation felt a spirit of post-war unity that nowadays is considered the stuff of fairytale lands or at best Second Life.

But what would your life be like if those changes hadn’t happened? How much of what you are used to in your current life would not have been possible, what even would have been your chance of survival after birth?

This is exactly what My ’45 aims to show you. Funded by the BFI and Film 4.0 this website is were you can get a sense of how your own live has been shaped by those reforms that took place when our grandparents were still young adults.

Once you do the interactive tour you can share your results through Facebook, Google+ and Twitte or you can download the beautifully designed results as a Jpeg.

But of course that’s not all. The website also hosts interviews and archive materials which help you delve deepers into the past.

The documentary The Spirit of ’45 will be released in UK cinemas on 15 March, a special live, nationwide simulcast screening and Q&A with director Ken Loach will take place on 17 March. For more information and up to date screening info please check the official page over at Dogwoof. or head over to the film’s Facebook page.



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