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Young documentarians, don’t miss the BFI’s Future Film Festival!

BFIIn less than two weeks time the BFI is hosting a film festival solely dedicated to the future of British film; young aspiring filmmakers aged 15-25. On Monday 18 February we recommend you head down to the south bank as there will be a whole day dedicated purely to documentaries.

The day is packed with practical insights and advice for those of you who are looking to break into the world of documentary and (or?) factual filmmaking.

There are workshops on a whole array of subjects, from sound recording to interview techniques and grading your film to the best ways of filming on your phone. On top of this there are various sessions planned that will help you think about, perhaps even redefine, what certain aspects of documentary filmmaking entail and of course loads of films to watch (for those who like poetry and spoken word, check out We Are Poets!).

Various documentary filmmakers, such as Penny Woolcock (who will be screening her brand new film One Mile Away) will attend and tell you about their experiences as filmmakers ans answer some of the questions you might have.

The day is split into three timed sessions, with events running concurrently, some start at 12pm, some at 2pm and the last sessions starts at 4pm.

To be honest, we’d like to give you some tips about what to attend and do on the day itself but the programme is so brilliant that we really can not make that decision. Our advice would be: take an honest look at yourself and make a choice based on your weaknesses and strengths.

12pm sessions:

Future Film Documentary Awards, NFT3

A showcase of the top six short documentaries submitted to the festival this year and selected by the Future Film Institute (our panel of young programmers). All the films will receive feedback from our panel of industry experts and one film in each age category (15-18 and 19-25) will receive a BFI Future Film Award. This is your chance to check out tomorrow’s talent of Future documentary makers.

We Are Poets plus Q&A – NFT2
We are Poets follows a group of young people from Chapeltown in Leeds over several years as they participate in one of the world’s largest spoken word competitions: Brave New Voices. First Light alumni Alex Ramseyer Bache joins us for a post screening Q&A.

The Future of Documentary and its Role in Society, Studio
FILMCLUB will explore with documentary filmmakers the role that these films play in society.  In this session we explore why documentaries matter and discover how important decisions are made and tested in production, plus why these choices are important to the integrity of the film in the marketplace.

Enter the New Breed, Blue Room
Live Magazine meet the young documentary makers switching up the genre.

Choosing Music for your Documentary with IdeasTap, LS1
Hear from industry experts on how to match the right music and soundscapes to your documentary.

Finding your story with IdeasTap, LS2
Hear from documentary filmmakers on how to identify your story and subject matter, then how to find the right approach for that story.

2pm sessions:

Docnext presents – Labber Blabber, NFT3

Meet some of the most talented young documentary makers who’ve been part of the six month BFI Doc Next programme. We’ll be showing some of the films they’ve made and you can find out how you can apply to our 2013 Doc Next mentoring and bursary scheme.

Future Film Short Documentary Selection, NFT2
A round-up of our favourite short documentaries submitted to the festival this year as selected by The Future Film Institute (our panel of young programmers). This screening will showcase tomorrow’s talent and the future of documentary filmmaking.

Introduction to Impact Distribution with Britdoc, Studio
Over the last five years more filmmakers have had the ambition to create impact with their work. Their success – Supersize Me, The End of the Line, Age of Stupid, Burma VJ – has created more interest and excitement in the unique role films can play in social change. Both in the US and UK more funds are now available to pay for ‘outreach and engagement’ to ensure films hit their target audiences. However, what does this actually mean? What is Impact Distribution? What are the new skills involved, how is it funded and how do you achieve results?

Community Documentary Filmmaking with Media Trust
Join Media Trust for this practical session on how to find and shape interesting and compelling stories from your local community, from concept to broadcast.

Mini Docs, LS1
Making films on your phone has never been easier. But making good films on your phone is a lot more difficult. Future Film tutor and compere Iyare Igiehon will show you how to get the most out of your camera phone, and how to tell a good story using the strengths and limitations of your mobile device. Our self confessed iPhone and Apple obsessive will also show you what additional equipment you can get to make the art of mobile moviemaking magnificent.

How to get ahead in Docs, LS2
Andy Glynne from the Documentary Filmmaking Group and Mosaic pictures takes you through the most important steps to getting ahead in the field of documentary filmmaking.

4pm sessions:

Becoming YouTube plus Q&A, NFT3

Becoming YouTube is the hit internet documentary series – incorporating sketch comedy and fantasy elements – that explores what it takes to be successful on YouTube. We’ll screen some of the show’s best moments, and meet director Benjamin Cook, and his co-stars Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike), Tom Ridgewell (TomSka), and Hazel Hayes (ChewingSand).

One Mile Away plus Q&A with Director Penny Woolcock, NFT2
Award-winning filmmaker Penny Woolcock charts the attempts by two warring gangs in inner city Birmingham, the Burger Bar Boys (B21) and the Johnson Crew (B6), to bring peace to their neighbourhoods. We are delighted to welcome Penny and some of the stars of the film to a post screening Q&A.

Funders, Fans and Followers with Sheffield Doc/Fest, Studio
Want to know how to access funding for documentaries in both traditional and radical new ways? This workshop will reveal who is funding what right now, and the best ways to approach them, including international TV and film funding, crowdfunding, foundation funding, philanthropy and 3rd sector funding, plus audience engagement, online distribution, engaging social networks and communities, and creating fan networks. Phew!

The Art of Interviewing and Presenting in Documentary, Blue Room
FILMCLUB will highlight the challenges that filmmakers face whilst interviewing for documentary content. How instigating effective dialogue and creative editing are essential ingredients for a successful film.

Sound Recording with NFTS, LS1
The creative and technical challenges and rewards of sound acquisition for documentaries with Andrew Boulton (NFTS head of Sound Department).

Pitch Perfect with Mosaic Films, LS2
Learn how to pitch your documentary project professionally in this practical workshop with Andy Glynne from the Documentary Filmmaking Group and Mosaic Films.

For more information and tickets, please visit the BFI website.


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