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DocGeeks » News » From Doc Heads: Joseph – film of the week

From Doc Heads: Joseph – film of the week

Doc HeadsDoc Heads, the people behind the popular short documentary networking night with the same name in East London, have made us aware of their ‘film of the week’ which we thought we’d share with you.

In case you don’t know them (not everybody lives in London), Doc Heads is a bi-monthly night for documentary filmmakers, giving them a chance to see quality short documentaries and network with other likeminded spirits in the industry.

One of its founders, Tristan Anderson, contacted us about this short entitled Joseph. We love it – hence the share – but decide for yourselves:

Joseph – by Andy Wilson

Here’s what filmmaker/photographer Andy Wilson writes about the film on Vimeo: “‘Joseph’ is a short film I made whilst doing my day job shooting stills in New Mexico. This is genuinely my first attempt at any moving image work.

“I was pretty much driving along Route 64 in Taos when I saw Joseph standing by the roadside with his guitar and thought he looked interesting. This little documentary and trailer is the result of spending the rest of that afternoon and following morning with Joseph at his trailer… along with his dog Matt Dillon.

“Joseph is just looking for love and since filming him his life has got a lot more complicated in many ways as he’s not always understood by the local sheriff. That said, meeting someone like Joseph really does restore your faith in people and I hope you agree.”


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