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Documentary festival reaches own crowdfunding target

It was a close call but documentary lovers did come together in the end to support the biggest documentary festival in the UK, Sheffield Doc/Fest, to hit, and actually exceed, their crowdfunding target of $25,000.

The festival started the “SuperConnector crowdfunding campaign” back in October  with Indiegogo to ensure that despite funding cuts they were able to make their upcoming 20th anniversary edition a success. At the end of the 43 days it had to raise funds the campaign received $27,346.

In a statement festival director Heather Croall said: “Over the last seven years my team and I have had to raise millions of pounds to put on the most amazing documentary festival every year, but somehow this $27,346 raised from all you people on crowdfunding is the money has been the most profound, and it has truly has made me cry with joy.

“The comments of love you have written to us on the crowdfunding campaign page have made me and the Sheffield team so happy, I cannot tell you how much we appreciate it. I have never known an office of people like the one we have and thank you all for appreciating the hard work the Sheffield Doc/Fest team devote to documentary. It’s been utterly amazing to receive the donations and the messages from you all.”

When the campaign was launched, Charlie Phillips, marketplace director at the festival said: “For Doc/Fest it’s important that we take a creative and alternative approach to funding because festival funding, like everything else, is getting tighter. We are always looking at ways to bring in funds from a variety of sources so that we continue to deliver a world class festival and make all the connections happen between buyers/filmmakers/ producers/crew and more. And of course I’ve always been passionate about crowdfunding, so this is a natural progression for Doc/Fest”.


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For the last 15 years Ben has built himself a successful career directing music videos, commercials and corporates. His first feature length documentary “Well Done Now Sod Off” has won the audience award at the Leeds International Film Festival and he has just spent an insane month in the USA, chasing a ten dollar bill, for a feature length documentary. He is deeply passionate about documentaries but will not write about anything he doesn’t like!

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