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DVD Review: Hello Quo!

Lasting a whopping 150 minutes the recently released documentary Hello Quo! can without a doubt be described as the ultimate account of British rock band Status Quo. But is it any good?

It’s 50 years since the band that would become Status Quo first started forming, when in 1962 schoolboys Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster came together to make music.

Told in chronological order, album by album, the story unfolds from their early beginnings at Butlin’s Minehead, right through to the seventies and far beyond to when the band once again reunited.

Though we all know the records, and some even too well, the film takes us back to the band’s glory years when their music was new and fresh, enabling them to score no less than 22 top 10 hits alongside an almost unprecedented level of world fame.

Past and present members of the band as well as the odd colleague rocker are interviewed and compliments to director Alan G Parker for getting them to speak candidly about their days with the Quo. But then again, perhaps it is not surprising if you consider Parker’s former work includes the documentaries Who Killed Nancy, Rebel Truce: The Story of The Clash and Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyers’ Cut), for which he received an Emmy Award nomination in 2010.

The documentary definitely brings us a lot of humour and some good accounts of events but whether it is worth the 152 minutes for non-fans is debatable. Regardless of the topic, every documentary over two hours is seriously pushing it.  The real Quo fan however will disagree; after all, they will be happy to hear the party ain’t over yet.


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