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Industry sessions at the East End Film Festival

The East End Film Festival has more on offer than just great films and docs. If you have £30 then we recommend you spend it on buying yourself a one day industry pass for the festival (which includes lunch!) and meet up with fellow doc makers at some of the fantastic events on offer. Here’s a little taster of what you can expect.

Nicola Lees presents: How to Pitch to Ten Different Types of Documentary Funders
Wednesday 4 July 3.30pm–4.30pm

It’s getting increasingly difficult to find funding for documentaries and so filmmakers are having to be increasingly resourceful. Drawing on interviews with funders and buyers from around the world this session takes you on a whistle stop tour through ten different types of funding and reveals what the buyers are really looking for in a project. (Hint: it’s not the idea…)

MEDIA present: Navigating European Co-production
Wednesday 4 July 12.00pm–1.30pm

Have you ever considered producing a film as a European co-production? MEDIA Desk UK and guests will offer some hints on where to start, how to approach potential partners and how to learn to navigate the complex landscape of different sources of finance on the continent.

How Much Access Is Too Much Access?
Wednesday 4 July 1.45pm–3.00pm

The EEFF welcomes three contemporary filmmakers whose compelling documentaries bring burning issues to audiences’ attention. But is raising awareness a justification for any amount of access into the lives of potentially vulnerable people, and what responsibilities do filmmakers have when embarking on a project, both to society at large and towards their subjects? Exploring the line between lending exposure to a subject and respecting the boundaries of exploitation, this will be an in depth exploration of where the line lies in the world of nonfiction filmmaking

BritDoc present: Out of the Cinema into the Retirement Home: New Spaces for Distribution
Wednesday 4 July 5.00pm–6.00pm

Charting the summer release of documentary Ping Pong, BRITDOC present an engaging route map
of new distribution methods and outreach opportunities for UK docs.

Doc Heads present: Doc Heads Networking and Screening
Wednesday 4 July 7.00pm–10.00pm

Join Doc Heads for their Bi-monthly networking and screening, that brings together professional documentary filmmakers, shows their films, gives them a drink and gets them to talk. Formed in 2009 as a means to get all our filmmaking friends together, and increase collaboration between them, it has rapidly expanded to include a host of interesting and talented people from the Documentary world.
Screenings will begin at 8pm.

30 Minutes With… Asif Kapadia
Wednesday 4 July 6.30pm–7.00pm
Join SENNA director Asif Kapadia for an intimate 30 minute session talking about expectations, successes and the road he followed.

And there’s loads more, check out the East End Film Festival website to find out the ins and outs.


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