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Cannes 2012: Which documentaries made the festival?

It was a bit of a dissapointment this morning when Cannes 2012 revealed its line-up. Not because there weren’t enough exciting releases, but because there weren’t enough exciting documentaries. Only seven docs will be screened at the festival this summer, check out here what you can expect.

‘The Central Park Five’ by Ken Burns, Sarah Burns, David Mcmahon  – This documentary investigates the case of the five young men wrongly convicted of the rape of a Central Park jogger and is perhaps the one we are most excited about on this list.

‘Journal De France’ by Claudine Nougaret and Raymond Depardon – Travelling alone, internationally acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Raymond Depardon spent six years capturing his home country with a large format camera. This long, solitary road trip provided fertile ground for the creation – with his long-time partner and collaborator Claudine Nougaret – of an extraordinary travel journal.

‘Une Journee Particuliere’ by Gilles Jacob and Samuel Faure – This is the festivals special screening to celebrate 65 years of Cannes and, surprise suprise, it looks at the history and development of the festival into the spectacular event as we know it now.

‘Der Mull im Garten Eden’ (Polluting Paradise) by Fatih Akin – Villagers in Turkey’s Black Sea village of Camburnu struggle with the government’s decision to turn their community into a garbage dump.

‘Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir’ by Laurent Bouzereau – In short we can summarize this film as giving Polanski a chance to tell his side of the story.

‘Les Invisibles’ by Sébastien Lifshitz  – According to IMDb, This documentary examines men and women born L’Entre Deux Guerres of the two World Wars (1918 – 1939). They have nothing in common other than being gay and choosing to live openly at a time when society rejected them. They loved, fought, and desired. Today, they tell of this rebellious life, torn between the desire to keep people like the others and the obligation to invent a freedom to flourish.

‘A Musica Segundo Tom Jobim’ by Nelson Pereira Dos Santos – This documentary depicts the life of the late Brazilian songwriter, composer, arranger, singer, and pianist/guitarist Antonio Carlos Jobim, whose music still has a huge impact on the international music scene today.



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