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DocGeeks » Interviews » ‘LYNCH 3′ documentary producer sees 2013 release after successful Kickstarter campaign – Q&A

‘LYNCH 3′ documentary producer sees 2013 release after successful Kickstarter campaign – Q&A

It has been six years since the first two parts of the documentary series about filmmaker David Lynch were released  and now the team behind them have taken to Kickstarter to fund the third and final part. Within days the donations surpassed their initial goal of $30,000, and the film, which has already been shot, can be finished. DocGeeks spoke to the producer of the film Jon Nguyen to find out more.

A third film about David Lynch, how will Lynch Three be different from Lynch and Lynch Two?
LYNCH three takes a more biographical approach towards telling David’s story.  LYNCH (one) and LYNCH2 were more abstract and cinema verite style.

What do you think is the appeal that David Lynch has as a person and which will draw audiences to the cinema to see the film?
He dares to dream BIG.

What new facts did you find out about David Lynch which viewers and especially die-hard fans do not already know about him?
You’re going to have to wait and find out about that one!

When you started the Kickstarter campaign for this film did you ever think you would raise so much money for the documentary?
We were optimistic, but cautious due to Kickstarter’s “all or nothing” policy.  It’s always difficult predicting the reaction to a crowd funding project.

What would you say do filmmakers need to know and do to equal your success in raising funds via crowdfunding platforms?
Know who your audience are.  Create rewards that are interesting.  Build from the ground up.  Use Facebook, Twitter and newsletters to help get the word out and keep plugging away.

On your website you say the funds collected through crowdfunding only form part of your funding strategy – how did you get the rest of the funds together?
We’ve invested a lot of our own resources. As you know, documentaries struggle constantly to raise funding. Whether it’s through private investment or grants submissions.

What do you think will be the total costs of this project once the documentary is finished?
It’s hard to pin point right now because we’re still in the process of deciding which songs, footage to license for the final film. 

How much time did you invest in this project so far and when do you hope to see the film released?
We’ve invested a few years already. We’re hoping for a 2013 release, but that completely depends on when the story is completed and pieced together.

To what extend did David Lynch and Austin Lynch influence the documentary?
We learned a lot from the Interview Project. All experience tends to guide you further.

After working with David Lynch and making documentary films yourself, what would be the most valuable piece of advice you would give to novice filmmakers?
Believe in your work and sweat to make it happen.



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