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DocGeeks » News » Technology marks DG’s 10 most popular posts of 2011

Technology marks DG’s 10 most popular posts of 2011

For DocGeeks it’s been a great first year (months actually). Thanks so much for visiting the blog, all the tweeting and sharing on Facebook. Just in case you missed some of our content, we give you an overview of the 10 most popular blog posts since the launch in September. Enjoy!

Technology and the practical use thereof while making a film seems to be hot topic number one and the invisible thread that combines most of the posts in this top 10. We’ll take it on board and make sure it is something that we will cover more of in the new year (resolution no1.).

The most popular post focussed on DGs favourite self-promotion tool; Twitter. In ‘How Twitter can help your documentary’ we set out how you could benefit most from this free social media outlet.

It was all about self distribution and VOD in the second most popular post which was called ‘Six tips on distributing your documentary’ and described the tips and tricks from Tim Sparke, CEO of MercuryMedia.

Number three, yet again a list, was a favourite during festival season. ‘Ten networking tips for film makers’, gave simple but helpful tips to documentary makers visiting festivals and events to make a lasting (but in a good way) impression.

You were also interested in how to involve people in the process of making a film and give them the opportunity to engage later.

New technologies offer new possibilities for the film industry, for creation, distribution but also for commissioning. What if documentary makers would not have to suck up to decision makers, what if it didn’t matter what they made or didn’t make before the latest offering, what if the quality of the programme they were pitching was all that mattered? Well, Current TV put it to the test at BAFTA using a format called Open Season.

Another story on pitching also proved to be popular, perhaps because it offered a chance to get in touch with NGO’s, brands and Channel4’s Britdoc, never a bad thing. Missed it? Then check here.

Making a little jump back to technology, when Dreams of a Life launched an interactive project last week you all clicked through to see how it worked. We’ll keep pressing you – think about this sort of projects for your own film as well.

Another thing you were interested in was knowing who got the money. Only a few days ago the Tribeca Film Institute announced its 2012 Documentary Fund recipients and you all checked which films you thought were worth it (of course – yours would have been better).

But not all was bitchy, you were also happy for two British films this year. One was Senna. A sense of relief was heard when it was announced that the film had finally won an award after not being nominated for an Oscar.

The other one was more of an underdog, but maybe that was why you wanted to read more about it. Whatever the reason behind it; John Walsh’s ToryBoy the Movie, which has just been released on iTunes this week, got your votes.

And finally, you also had the chance to ‘use’ us, which you did. But no worries, we won’t hold it against you that you only stopped by to watch Life in a Day, as long as you keep visiting.


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Alexandra Zeevalkink is a Dutch-born journalist living in London who founded DocGeeks in August 2011 in order to have a legitimate excuse to watch every documentary under the sun. She freelances for various publications and writes mainly about documentaries and the film production industry. When she is not blogging or watching films, she enjoys theater, photography and reading loads of books. She is always on the look out for potential partnerships with other creative minds.

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