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DG Approved: We Are Many

Where were you 15 February 2003? Not a question you hear everyday. But it was a day in which the world united with the biggest demonstration ever seen. A phenomenon in its own right and now the subject of a new documentary; We Are Many. DocGeeks talks to director Amir Amirani and finds out why he needs your help to get the film made. … Read entire article »

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Film beauty in a second

Filmmaker Wim Wenders, who’s documentary Pina is currently shortlisted for an Academy Award, teamed up with Montblanc for the ultimate challenge, one in which every second counts; even so much that it is only the second that counts. … Read entire article »

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DocGeeks’ IDFA overview

All good things come to an end and so did IDFA this weekend. Europe’s most notable documentary festival brought loads of great films to the big screen and saw established, as well as first time filmmakers pitch and pray that the audience of peers and passionates liked their work. … Read entire article »

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Filmmakers Michael Collins and Marty Syjuco on their documentary Give Up Tomorrow

Paco Larrañaga, a young happy student from the Philippines, wakes up one sunny morning and prepares himself to go to school. But his day doesn’t pan out as planned. When night falls he finds himself locked behind bars, accused of murdering two sisters and threatened by a death sentence. His story didn’t ring true though and, luckily, shocked two filmmakers who immediately decided to give up their jobs and film what was happening. The result is Give Up Tomorrow; a documentary that blatantly reveals corruption in its purest form. … Read entire article »

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Review: Buck – God’s Cowboy

A couple of years ago he saw Robert Redford play his character in the film The Horse Whisperer, but now Buck Brannaman is himself the star on the big screen. In the documentary Buck, which is currently playing at the IDFA, we see the extraordinairy gift this man has, and uses on both people and their horses. “God had him in mind when he made a cowboy,” we hear, and this appears to be nothing but the truth.  … Read entire article »

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Interview: IDFA special guest Steve James

As IDFA’s special guest this year, documentary maker Steve James not only gets to choose ten of his all-time favourite documentaries for screening at the festival, but will also be honoured with a retrospective of his own work, which includes his latest masterpiece: The Interrupters. DG spoke to James about failure, perseverance, humour and what inspired his greatest films. … Read entire article »

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Interactive documentaries change the way we tell stories

John Grierson coined the term “documentary” and defines it as “the creative interpretation of actuality”. Nowhere in that short definition is there anything pertaining to film. We have a tendency to think of documentaries as linear motion pictures, but in reality, the medium is changing. As new technologies becoming available, the way of making documentaries is evolving. … Read entire article »

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