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One week in and more to come!

The first week of the London Film Festival has passed and it has been absolute madness. Gaining roughly 2 pounds due to all the free Green & Black’s chocolate in the press room and square eyed from all the films, we can honestly say we have done the best we could. Here an overview of the coverage so far…and there is still a lot more to come!

Seeing impressive and less impressive documentaries, one of the highlights (in case the many mentions did not make it obvious enough) must have been Darwin. A great film that offers nothing you would expect from the name but oh so much more. Read our review here. We also had a lovely interview with the director, Nick Brandestini, who told us about how he found his subject and how important it is to have a critical eye sitting next to you in the edit suite.

During the BFI’s “Afternoon tea with filmmakers” (great initiative guys) we chatted with Göran Olsson, the director of the much praised Black Power Mixtape. You can read all his views next week on our blog but in anticipation of the general release of the film we suggest you read our review and pre-book tickets.

The film Better this World is one you will need to see together with someone. If you don’t you will most likely start a heated debate with the first guy that you see on the street and run the risk of being branded ‘slightly mad’ – we’ve been there… Following the story of two young men and their loved ones, the film highlights the problems that the current justice system in the US suffers from post 9/11.

Two films which we also really liked but which both triggered long debates about their suitability for the big screen (rather than telly) were The Boy who was a King and Women with Cows. It was a hung jury on both so you need to have a look for yourself – both are absolute beautifully shot portraits of extraordinary people.

Then there was I’m Carolyn Parker: The Good, the Mad, and the Beautiful, a documentary about a a proud resident of New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward who did not give up on the “impossible dream” of bringing her ruined home back to life after hurricane Katrina had struck.

Documentary veteran Frederick Wiseman gave us Crazy Horse, a long but interesting film which diggs deep under the skin of one of the world’s more interesting institutions: a nude burlesque club in the heart of Paris.

This week we will, as said, have loads more of interesting posts. Welcoming new contributor Zofia Walczak, we can look forward to more days of close Film Festival coverage and helpful reviews (or so we aim) of a.o. The Somnambulists, Two Years at Sea, Shock head Soul and many more. We hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and one last thing, the BFI Grierson Awards are also taking place next week. If you have a spare minute let us know which of the nominated documentaries you think should win, post a comment below or send us a tweet @docgeeks.


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Alexandra Zeevalkink is a Dutch-born journalist living in London who founded DocGeeks in August 2011 in order to have a legitimate excuse to watch every documentary under the sun. She freelances for various publications and writes mainly about documentaries and the film production industry. When she is not blogging or watching films, she enjoys theater, photography and reading loads of books. She is always on the look out for potential partnerships with other creative minds.

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