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Life in a Day back where it began

Last year Hollywood-filmmakers Ridley Scott and Kevin MacDonald joined forces with YouTube and started a film experiment that saw the whole world collaborate and create a documentary we can proudly say is ‘ours’. As of today the film is back where it began; the internet. … Read entire article »

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Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey

In 1972, when the Conservative Home Secretary Reginald Maulding stated that the British Army had only fired at Bloody Sunday protesters in self-defence, Bernadette Devlin McAliskey walked across the House of Commons and punched him. When asked by a reporter afterwards if she regretted it, she said: “I’m just sorry I didn’t get him by the throat.” … Read entire article »

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Let’s film some history together

November appears to be the month to get your camera out. We have a chance to collectively write history and add our own views of life to not just one but three projects. The first we mentioned already, Britain in a Day, but have you already signed up to the 11 eleven project or One day on Earth? … Read entire article »

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IDA nominations revealed

Last night the International Documentary Association (IDA) announced the awards nominations and honorary awards for their annual ceremony. It is the 27th time the awards are being handed out to documentary makers who have created outstanding films. Here a list of the nominees. … Read entire article »

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Good Pitch for a Good Cause

Documentary makers often choose a subject not just because it’s ‘cool’ but because they feel the need to highlight a certain cause, fight injustice and bring about change. In this way they are very much like NGO’s, and it is for this reason that they often end up working together. … Read entire article »

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One last thing…Steve Jobs documentary

Wow, our money was on November but later rather than sooner. Ever since his death earlier this month bloggers the world over have been trying to guess the date on which the first post-Jobs documentary would be released. Now British Channel 4 and PBS have announced their new doc, Steve Jobs – One Last Thing, will be released on 2 November.  … Read entire article »

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Italy, Love it or Leave it?

 A beautiful country with an amazing climate, gorgeous beaches and the best food in the world. Why would anyone leave Italy? Well,  perhaps the lack of jobs, human rights and freedom would be a good reason? Filmmakers Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi are indecisive and weigh their options in the new documentary ‘Italy, Love it or Leave it’.  … Read entire article »

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