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Review: Page One – Inside the New York Times

Page One - Inside the New York Times

This documentary shows the daily goings at the biggest and most important institution in the media world; the New York Times. By following the media desk for one whole year, and especially on-screen hero David Carr, we get more than a glimpse of what life is like for a traditional newspaper in the new digital era.


As this documentary proves, newspapers are not dead. They do however have to adapt. With online content taking over the world, new ways have to be found to engage with audiences.

By following Carr – without doubt the most colourful character working at the paper – we get an insight into what it takes to keep going in this age of new media.

Unlimited access in this big institution is unprecedented, yet everybody who appears in the documentary is so open about what they do and why they do it, that it creates a feeling of real intimacy.

With a large dose of humour and the honest emotions of Carr and his colleagues (Brian Stelter, Tim Arango and editor Bruce Headlam), this documentary is more than just informative; it is hugely entertaining.

Is the newspaper world changing? Hell yes. Will the NY Times be defeated. Hell no.

Whether you are a professional journalists who has always dreamed of working at the NY Times or you have never read a newspaper in your life, this film is equally entertaining for both.

For more information on screenings click here to see the documentary’s website.


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