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Elmo leaves Sesame Street for the big screen

Stop the press!! I just found this documentary about Elmo and I need to share this with you. I personally loved Sesame Street when I was a child and could never go to bed without having seen it. I know in the UK the fascination with the programme is not as big as in some other countries but you’ve got to see this. … Read entire article »

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Sound it Out director on crowdfunding 4 times over

Crowdfunding is the word du jour, but it mostly involves just one request. Sound it Out Director Jeanie Finlay however, tried a different approach. She set up four campaigns for the same documentary and it proved to be a success. … Read entire article »

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IDFA truly rocks!

There’s good news from our friends in the Netherlands. IDFA has created a new award, the IDFA Award for Best Music Documentary. No less than 15 recent docs get a change to compete in the new program which was compiled in cooperation with PLAY, the music film festival organised by pop venue the Melkweg. … Read entire article »

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“Their story wasn’t being told so I took a crack at it”

She has been hailed a ‘genius’ and ‘television innovator’, and looking at her success to capture audiences in new and original ways, it is hard to deny that she is. Here director Emily James talks to DocGeeks about her latest documentary Just Do It, which gives us a real insight into the world of climate activism. … Read entire article »

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How Twitter can help your documentary

A couple of weeks ago we told you how you could use Facebook in the film making process and today we carry on with social media advice by telling you how you can use Twitter for research, production and promotion. … Read entire article »

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Must see: First Ascent – Alone On The Wall

A friend of mine send me this short documentary about Alex Honnold, the world’s best soloing climber (that means climbing without a rope). In the film First Ascent – Alone On The Wall by Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen (2009) we see him fight his way up to the top of Yosemite’s 2.000 feet Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome. Beautifully shot and down to earth honest, we pass this recommendation on to you. If you have a spare 25 minutes (and come on, who doesn’t on Sundays) then watch this film: … Read entire article »

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Lazy Sunday documentaries

Planning a lazy Sunday? Then drag yourself to the cinema tomorrow as there is a lot going on in terms of documentaries. Here we give you our preferred choices showing in some of the best cinemas in London.  … Read entire article »

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