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Chakarova: ‘You need a plan B’

Bulgarian photo journalist and documentary maker Mimi Chakarova disguised herself as a prostitute for her film ‘The price of sex’, about the illegal sex trafficking of Eastern-European women. During the eight years it took her to finish the film she escaped the most perilous circumstances. Here she tells DocGeeks how she managed to survive. … Read entire article »

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Move over Facebook – here comes Napster

Well, maybe the title of this article is not wholly accurate but it is when speaking about media attention soon to come. Film maker Alex Winter is currently working on a new project called Downloaded, a documentary about the music-sharing (music-stealing?) site Napster. Winter’s goal is to show the effects of the downloading revolution that student-initiated Napster set in motion when it was launched in 1999. There’s no doubt that this project will attract a lot of attention, especially as Winter has announced that Napster creators John Fanning and Shawn Parker are both participating in the project, as will an as of yet unknown club of artists. The film, for VH1 Rock Docs, will be due for release in 2012. “The rise and fall of Napster and the birth of peer-to-peer file-sharing … Read entire article »

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50 Docs To See Before You Die ends tonight

Every Tuesday night during the last month Current TV has brought us the top 50 documentaries to see before we die and tonight they will release the final 10. It’s no secret, as presenter Morgan Spurlock will reveal tonight, number one is Hoop Dreams. The documentary by Steve James about high school basketball players in Chicago finally gets recognized this way as during its release in 1994 it wasn’t even nominated for an Academy Award. The list has been put together by a panel that included (amongst others) Michael Renov, a University of Southern California film professor; Eddie Schmidt, president of the International Documentary Association; and film makers Errol Morris, Nick Broomfield, and Stacy Peralta. Here a video of the panel’s own fav docs.   Current TV has however not managed to keep everyone happy, in … Read entire article »

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Martin Scorsese’s Harrison trailer released

All you Beatles fans, start getting excited because here’s the trailer for the new Martin Scorsese documentary about George Harrison, Living in the Material World. The two-part documentary will premier on the American cable channel HBO on 5 and 6 October and will be out on DVD a couple of days later, on 10 October. Co-produced by Harrison’s widow, Olivia, it will feature exclusive home videos and interviews with close friends and surviving Beatles. Here’s a preview of what’s to come: … Read entire article »

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West Memphis Three; Paradise Lost 4?

Earlier this week the West Memphis Three were finally released from prison. Two documentaries and a lot of support from the rich and famous ensured that their release, and struggle to get their name cleared, did not go unnoticed. The Hollywood writing machine has been churning out stories non-stop ever since. Their release, after all, did not only change the ending of their lives, it did so too to the ending of the third, and soon to be released, documentary Paradise Lost 3; Purgatory. Over 18 years, film makers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky followed the case of the three men who ended up in prison as teenagers convicted of the horrific murders of three young children – all despite strong evidence pointing at their innocence. Though the upcoming documentary was already finished when … Read entire article »

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Outcast Forever; a real middle finger attitude

This documentary takes a look at “the hardcore lifestyle and fraternal brotherhood” of the only all black outlaw motorcycle club in America. These guys (or are they ‘dudes’) are so incredible cool – without trying – that we are convinced this documentary will be a success. The film will be made by director and photographer DeVaughn Hughson, Jason Staten, co-owner and producer at production company Digital Soul and Gabe Moscovitz, editor and co-cinematographer. The story Outcast M.C. emerged in the sixties and has now got a strong group of active members and clubs in 30 American states. As you can see from the trailer, Outcast bikers are still proud to be in the 1% of people who live by the code of outlaw. They are dressed in black, ride black Harleys and live by … Read entire article »

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Toronto Film Festival line-up

  For those of you fortunate enough to be visiting the Toronto International Film Festival (lucky bastards); the full programme has been made public today. The festival runs from 8th until 18th September. You can start planning your fun by having a look here … Read entire article »

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